Event Info

Dates for Generation Life

January 19-23, 2022


Crystal Gateway Marriott

1700 Richmond Hwy
Arlington, VA 22202

Crystal City Marriott

1999 Richmond Hwy
Arlington, VA 22202


A trip is simply traveling from one place to another, but a pilgrimage is a journey of spiritual significance that is made in prayer to a location of religious importance. Most pilgrimages are done in faith to achieve healing, answer questions, or receive some spiritual benefit. One benefit we hope to gain is a world that will value the dignity of all human life from conception to natural death and to believe in our Lord, Jesus Christ.

This year we will be utilizing two hotels while in DC:

The Crystal Gateway Marriott
1700 Richmond Highway
Arlington, VA, 22202


Crystal City Marriott at Reagan National Airport
1999 Richmond Highway
Arlington VA, 22202

You are allowed to bring up to one adult per every three 8th graders, but must have at least one adult for every six 8th graders.

You are allowed to bring up to one adult for every four teens, but must have at least one adult for every eight teens.

The programming for the high school and 8th grade tracks will be held in the ballrooms of the Crystal Gateway hotel.

This year groups may use the buses for one drop on Saturday, Jan. 22nd after your group has loaded their luggage onto the bus at the hotel.

This can vary from group to group! Keep in mind that participants will need to purchase food, metro tickets and have money for any additional touring stops your group may make. Here is a link to the metro website for pricing:  http://www.wmata.com/

Please click here for hotel dining options!

Yes. The two hotels are connected via an underground shopping plaza.

Yes.  The Crystal Gateway Hotel has two main towers. As much as possible, one will be male and one will be female. The Crystal City Hotel is one tower. Genders will be separated by floors, as much as possible.

Yes, the chaperones will be as close as possible to the teens, of the same gender from your group. Because teens will be split by gender, it is imperative that each group bring chaperones of each gender.

Details on a Saturday Vigil Mass are still being determined.


  • Triple
  • $34500
  • 3 People To A Hotel Room
  • Programming
  • Transportation
  • Double
  • $40000
  • 2 People To A Hotel Room
  • Programming
  • Transportation
  • Single
  • $52000
  • 1 Person To A Hotel Room
  • Programming
  • Transportation

*Singles and Doubles are available on a limited, first come first served basis. Quads and Triples have priority to hotel rooms with two double beds. Paying the “Double” rate does not guarantee 2 beds in a room.

*Online group registration opens at 10:00am on October 7th, 2021. A $50 deposit per participant will be due on October 21st. Your final payment is calculated based on the room list and final numbers that you will provide us no later than December 2nd.

*Participants, both youth and adult, will not be roomed with others outside their own group. Groups will pay the rate for the amount of people you are housing per room. No more than 4 people per room will be allowed.

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