So, why Generation Life?

In the midst of the darkness, young people are rising up to lead a pro-life generation.

In the United States...

Number of Abortions from 1973-2017
*Guttmacher Institute
Female Victims of Domestic Violence Per Year
Children Living Under the Federal Poverty Level
Executions Since 1976
*as of 10/19/2022

It’s time for a change. Will you join us?

Young Catholics proclaiming the Gospel of life

Standing Together

Inspired by the Catholic Church’s teachings on the sanctity of life, we believe all human life is sacred from conception to natural death. United in our approach, we will work together, empower each other, and educate others until our society becomes a culture of life.

Making A Difference

In responding generously to God’s will and utilizing our God-given talents, each of us has an important and distinct mission to build a culture of life. Our actions as individuals and a community change the world.

Speaking For The Voiceless

We must “speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves” (Proverbs 31:8). As the Body of Christ, we need to care for each of its members, fight injustice, and care for those in need of love and support. This includes victims of abortion, poverty, capital punishment, euthanasia, violence and any issue that contradicts the Church’s teachings on human dignity.

Forming Leaders

Generation Life educates and empowers each young person to answer Christ’s call to evangelize, and lead this world to the truth that every life is precious and loved. We express that love in our daily prayer, support, service, activism, and example. In forming leaders, we expand on a community that cares for life and brings hope.

Voices of Generation Life

When people can’t stand for themselves, we have to be the ones to do it, and I think it’s important to learn that as teenagers, we need to stand up for what we believe in.

Izzy Childs

It’s nice to feel like you’re part of something bigger than yourself, and to feel like as young people, we are making a difference and we are able to speak up and have a voice.

Gabby Alvez

We need more people to speak up for those who can’t so that they too may have a chance at being someone great, just as God planned them to be.

Abigail Witte

As people who respect the dignity of life at all stages, from womb to tomb, it seems the task of the pro-life movement is to help people see the dignity of every single human being.

Troy Woytek

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